Nicholas Gurewitch Originals for sale…

Dear reader,

To abuse is to be human; to be abused is to be human.
Corporate Office Life per The Perry Bible Fellowship

I recently discovered that Nicholas Gurewitch, drawer of my favorite web-comic, The Perry Bible Fellowship, is selling his originals.  I sent him an e-mail requesting to buy some of his art.  This is our dialogue so far:

Dear Nick,

I summed the total to be $117,390.  You can check my math; it doesn’t include the For Baskins piece and I may have missed something else (or 2 things else? or 3? or more?).
My intention is to buy the art for my family collection.  Nothing more nothing less.  I have no intention of using them as an “investment” or ever selling them.
I want to display the pieces in my office and home and hopefully loan them to museums.
I will also offer to loan the pieces for display in any appropriately reputable/credible museum or collection.
So with all that in mind, I can offer you $50,000 for the collection.  And if, during my lifetime, I want to sell any of the pieces then it will be under these two important conditions:
      * If you are alive, you and I must both approve of the sale
      * I will split the proceeds 50-50 with you or the Gurewitch family in the event of your death
With consideration and sincerity,
Zachary E. Burt
—- On Fri, 09 Aug 2013 11:05:24 -0700 Nicholas Gurewitch<> wrote —-

it should either be much more than usual, or much less.
Depends on your intentions, I suppose. Would you be willing to let me buy them back from you some day? At a higher price, of course?
On Fri, Aug 9, 2013 at 12:39 PM, zachary <> wrote:

Dear Nicholas,

How much to buy out the inventory?
Zachary Edises Burt

—- On Thu, 08 Aug 2013 19:16:02 -0700 wrote —-

Hi Zachary

A list of remaining pieces follows. All sizes are approximate (estimates from memory, really). 1 inch = 25.4 mm. Most pieces are on illustration board, unless noted. Prices in USD. Most prices are negotiable.

Honk – (ink on drawing paper) 10 inches by 20- 2000
One Time Thing – (ink on drawing paper, w/ pencil) 20 inches  by 10 inches – 1500
For Baskins – 5 separate pieces of paper, not a lot of color, excess panels (cut from the final) – highly negotiable

Different – guash, pasel, and wax crayons, approx. watercolor paper. 12 inches – 1300
Roxanne – pastel, guash, and watercolor. horizontal layout (two frames/ two frames, different text)- 1100
The Last Unicorns – SOLD

Caryolyn – SOLD
Evolving to Fly – oil pastels 15 inches – 1200
Uncle Duncan – partial color, but mostly black and white. 12 inches – 1000
Memorabilia – SOLD
Transmission – SOLD
Bee – no color, lots of eraser marks, 18 inches – 1400

Preach skate – SOLD
The Shrink Ray – no color, 16 inches – 1000
Fire Alarm – no color, 15 inches – 800
Return of the Ghost – no color, 17 inches – 900
Capital Punishment – 20 inches – 1700
Lyles Constant – no color – 1200

Road Test – no color – 800
Finneas – acrylic (less color than published version) – 1400
Baby – SOLD
The Masculator (first panel on separate sheet) – 900
Miggs – SOLD
Preserves – no color, pencil – 1300
Casting Call – SOLD

Commander Crisp – watercolor, 25+ inches (huge) – 2000
Box of Hate – no color, 20 inches – 1100
Gamblin’ Man- SOLD
Passed On – SOLD
Service Culture (slightly different text in last frame: “These people, Gladys.”) – 800

Transfer Patient – SOLD
The Great Circle – pastel, 25 inches – 900
Magic Eyes – SOLD
Thwack Ye Mole (reads “Whack ye Mole”, punch-line not present) – 800
Kitty Photographer – no color, altered 2nd frame – 1000

Contamination Zone – SOLD
Hard Read – SOLD
Mario Too – some color – 1400
Atlantis – SOLD
Wishing Well – SOLD
Now Showing – SOLD
Eggnancy- SOLD
Gingerbread man- SOLD
Game Boy – 17 inches, no color, 1200

Robin Hood – SOLD
Bad Apple – no color – 1200
Post Apocalyptic – no color, 25 inches – 1300
Toad Race- no color, 20 inches – 600
Les Douleurs de la Morte – SOLD
Missing School – No color, 900
Secret Mutant Hero team – SOLD

Automatic Business(different from published), 1300
Cover Blown (12 inches, luminescent inks, framed) – 500
The Pacific Council (mutliple sections, no last panel) – 800
Fun Bot (21 inches, illustration board, framed – 1350

COP$  (very different) – 800
Boy Scouts – no color, 900
Extreme Crocball- watercolor, 1300
Keep on Truckin (first frame only) – 500
Love Wizard – 800
Way Too Much – SOLD
Guntron Alliance Force(last frame unavailable, no text) – 800

Tunnel Of Love (two pieces, gray) – 1350
Durab In- SOLD
Food Fight (one-piece illustration board, limited coloring) – 2000
The Shortcut Express (unpublished)- 1100
Woolves- SOLD
Special Delivery – 1000
Truancy-bot, no color – 1000

Rodeo – SOLD
The Throbblefoot Aquarium – SOLD (I think)
Basebugs – SOLD
Boss – 1000
Prank Dragon – SOLD
The Chaos Grid (watercolour) – 1000
Cave Explorer – SOLD
Giant Jim (altered second frame, reversed 3rd and 4th) – 1100

The Other Girls (features some unfortunate white-out usage) – 1000
Cupid Mistake – 1000
Goodbye Stanley – SOLD
Yarteries – SOLD
Microbot – 800
Executive Decision – SOLD
ChristmasCards (no card features) – 1000

The Dreamcatcher5000 – 1000
The Agronox (1 piece, in quadrants) – 1000
Abduction – 1200
Slim (different text) – 1200
Disassemble (no color, separate pieces) – 1100
Gigaknight – watercolor, acrylic (separate pieces) – 1000

Zuthulu’sResurrection – SOLD
The Golden Ticket – SOLD
Scorpy the Forest Friend (no color, some differences in characters) – 2000
b (on canvas, very large) – 1700 already framed
A Hit for Bobby- SOLD
Sven’s Revenge – SOLD

Butterfly Catchers – SOLD
Utter Pig (very large illustration board) – 25 inches, colored pencil – 1700
Bumble Buzzin – SOLD
Nunez – SOLD
Tub Times – SOLD
Kids are Thirsty – SOLD
Photo Album- SOLD
Satan’s Hell – SOLD

Zoo Keeper (2 pieces, or 1 w/ different last frame) – 1000
Sheryl and Walbert (no color, just ink) – 1300
Super League (different font, different text, no color) – 1200
Game System – 1400
Love Lizard- watercolor, 12 inches – 1400

Lord Gloom- SOLD
Book World – SOLD
Colonel Sweeto – SOLD
Chew Boy- SOLD
Doll Change- Full color, looks great (1040 w/ frame)
Mittens – SOLD
One More Day – SOLD
Nail Bite (2 pieces) – 1000
April 2 (visible white-out, different format) – 1000

No One is Thirsty – SOLD
Refridgeron and Magnimus (3 pieces, different font, text, endings) – 1000
Moon Bunny – SOLD
Orbitoid and Jones  – 1000
Missing Grandfather – SOLD
Bacon Egg – 700
Sweet Deal – 500

Hugbot (4 pieces) – 1000
Mime City- SOLD
Shotgun – SOLD
Mr. Rex – SOLD
Reset – SOLD
Birch St. – SOLD
Allen the Hungry Alligator – SOLD
Genius Sir- SOLD
Billy the Bunny – SOLD
The Schlrobians Strike Again – SOLD

God Tree (4 pieces, different text) – 800
Cars – SOLD
Nice T-shirt (3 pieces) – 2500
Rhino and Boy – SOLD
Grammar Wizard (Marker on Bristol board, two pieces, some white-out, continuity errors where computer was used to double things) – 900

Sgt. Grumbles – SOLD
Astronaut Fall – SOLD
Earth Disorder – SOLD
Captain Redbeard – 2 pieces , no color – 1000
Gnome Bubbles – SOLD
Freaking Vortex – SOLD
Bunny Easter – SOLD
The Mercy of Admiral Shlork – SOLD

Gotcha the Clown (2 pieces, no color) – 1350
Goodnight Full Moon – SOLD
The Happy Brothers – 400
No Survivors – 3000 (already framed)
Trampoline Hero (illustration board, 13 inches maybe) – 500
Snail Harassment (on printer paper, no grass in background, framed) – 800

QPI Interview – SOLD
Mice Gun – SOLD
Christmas Surgery – 1000
Nautical Awards – 800
Bunny Pit – SOLD
Mountain Dad- SOLD
Barb and Rudy- SOLD
Ballerina Slippers – SOLD
Poor Tyler (on printer paper) – 600

Weeaboo (on printer paper) – 1550
Mermaid Princess – SOLD
Wise sensei – SOLD
Not Today – SOLD
Better Luck Next Time- SOLD
Sweet Candy – SOLD
The Ants Dance – (on 8.5 X 11 printer paper) 500
Kitty Stuck- SOLD

Elephant Dream – 1000
Turtle City (on printer paper) – 1150
Dinosaur meteors – ?
Master Yoshi (on printer paper) – 1000
Penguin Enemy (on printer paper) – 1100
Small Man (on printer paper) – 900
Raft Friends – SOLD

Worm Squish (on printer paper) – 1500
Adult Heaven (on printer paper) – 1500
Nice Try Zarflax (on printer paper) – 1300
An End to Gopher Trouble- SOLD
Kinder Interview – SOLD
Suicide Train – SOLD
Bear Police (on printer paper)

Wise Shitashi (on printer paper)
Angels Caught- LOST
Falling Dream – 2000
Monkey Photographer – SOLD
Sun Love – SOLD
Nude Beach – SOLD
Today’s My Birthday- SOLD
Dinosaur Sheriff (on printer paper) – 800

Pyro Billy (on printer paper) – SOLD
Bear Boy – SOLD
Gopher Girlfriend – SOLD
Dinner Time Machine (on blue paper – not sure why. Is about 13 inches maybe, no color) – 900
Deer Lazer Eye (on printer paper) – 900

Left Brain Right Brain (on printer paper)- 700
Cromax (on printer paper) – 1000
Today I am going to Fly – SOLD
Suck Note – 1000
Butterflies (on large blue paper) – 600
Rainbow (on printer paper) – 500
Puppy Wish- SOLD

Space Helmet – SOLD
Monkey Love (on printer paper) – 400
Skeleton Clown (on printer paper, w/ white-out) – 900
Skub (on printer paper) – 2000
Eden – SOLD
Martha’s Orphanage (on printer paper) – SOLD

Instant Bacon – SOLD
Billiards in Heaven – UNAVAILABLE
Deal with the Devil – UNAVAILABLE

On Sun, Aug 4, 2013 at 8:46 PM, zachary <> wrote:

Dear Nicholas,

Please send over a list of remaining originals, sizes and price estimates.
Sincere regards,
Zachary Edises Burt




Virtual Currency Bitcoin? It’s a commodity and community-based medium of exchange

“Bitcoin users are pretty enthusiastic, so you get instant loyal customers,” said Adam Penn, owner of Veggie Galaxy, a restaurant in Cambridge, Mass., which began accepting bitcoins through Bitpay in May. “So far, it’s been a no-risk revenue generator.”


“It’s supervolatile, so I’d tell people to go slow,” said Peter Vessenes, chairman and executive director of the Bitcoin Foundation, a nonprofit organization that promotes the currency. “Never hold more bitcoins than you’re prepared to lose.”


How to purchase PPC (Peer-to-Peer Coin)

This guide is for informational purposes only.  PeerCoin, Inc. expressly disclaims all liability.  By reading this guide you agree to indemnify PeerCoin, Inc. against all claims and liability that may arise from this information.  Caveat Emptor!



How To Buy PPC / PPCoin / Peer to Peer Coins


Getting some PPC is easy when you have someone to walk you through the process!


In a nutshell, it’s a 3 step process:


  1. Buy some BTC / Bitcoin
  2. Convert your BTC to PPC
  3. Transfer your PPC back to your personal wallet



Let’s break each step down.


How to buy some Bitcoin/BTC CoinBase offers the ability to buy some Bitcoin by simply linking your bank account and doing a wire transfer.  CoinBase is based in Bluxoma Street, San Francisco, California and they have been funded by prestigious venture capital firms YCombinator and Union Square Ventures.


At first I was skeptical about sharing my financial information with yet another entity. But then I decided thanks to the modern computerization of records, I felt totally comfortable linking my account information (in my case, Citibank).  Because I trusted their community ties, and also the fact that I would have digital recourse if they stole monies from me, I felt comfortable linking my account.


Additionally, I have also started keeping USD currency (“good cash!”) in splintered bank accounts: I presently bank with TD Bank, Citibank and Chase.



Converting your Bitcoin/BTC to PPC BTC-e is a Russian website.  I have had good experiences with it, despite the chatroom featured on the homepage, which is mostly filled with “internet trolls” trying to create hysteria.  You can create an account on and then fund your account by transferring over Bitcoin from to


Sign up for an account on  Then click on the “Finances” link in the top right of BTC-e, it will show up once you have an account.  Then under “BTC” funds, click “Deposit”.  It will show you a BTC address.  Go over to and withdraw funds, to the address that you see on  Wait a few minutes for the transaction to process.


Then hit the “Trade” tab on the top left of BTC-e.  Click the PPC/BTC button.  Scroll down the page and you will see “Buy PPC”.  Choose the amount you want, and the price you are willing to pay.  Then click “Buy PPC” and you will buy the PPC at market prices!  (You can see the market “bids” and “asks” if you scroll  further down the page)



Transfer your PPC back to your wallet

Finally, once you’ve made the PPC purchase, go to the “finances” page and click the “Withdraw” button by the PPC section.  BTC-e will prompt you for an address to which to withdraw the funds.  You will need to have downloaded the PPCoin app, here is the link to the official instructions

Then open the app, click Receive Money then Generate New Address.   Paste the address you just generated into BTC-e and enjoy your new PPCoin!